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The CryptoMex Team is comprised of expert economic/crypto consultants and cryptology analysts, heartfelt in their desire to establish and support a new financial system starting locally then expanding to a global scale.  Our cryptology legal staff is on call 24/7 should any legal matters arise with your crypto transactions.

Digital currency and blockchain technology will change and benefit people so much more than just financially. The transparency and security offered by blockchain technology will set new standards in socio-political systems and in the corporate world.

Our elite group believes it is imperative to be at the leading edge of blockchain and hyper-ledger technology and digital currency development because of it’s emerging importance in the global economy, replacing obsolete financial systems maintained by overambitious and outdated institutions. Now is the time to be a part of something greater, an opportunity to actualize change beneficial to humankind and our environment. Please join us in our endeavor and together we can benefit the environment and each other as much as we benefit our wallets. 

Our latest, exclusive Smart Contract operation process of peer 2 peer transactions features 100% transaction success guarantee, if all stipulations are met by all parties involved. There is no risk involved just a completely simple and easy method of a buyer and seller to complete transactions called a Smart Contract. The process we use features modern technology through the utilization of these Smart Contracts connected to the blockchain.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way, while avoiding the services and fees of a middleman.

The best way to describe Smart Contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while you get the document. With Smart Contracts, you simply drop a bitcoin into the vending machine (i.e. ledger/wallet), and your escrow, driver’s license, or whatever drops into your account. More so, Smart Contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations via blockchain technology.

Here’s what Smart Contracts give you:

Autonomy – You’re the one making the agreement; there’s no need to rely on a broker, lawyer or other intermediaries to confirm. Incidentally, this also knocks out the danger of manipulation by a third party, since execution is managed automatically by the network, rather than by one or more, possibly biased, individuals who may err.

Trust – Your documents are encrypted on a shared ledger.  There’s no way that someone can say they lost it.

Backup – Imagine if your bank lost your savings account. On the blockchain, each and every one of your friends has your back. Your documents are duplicated many times over.

Safety – Cryptography, the encryption of websites, keeps your documents safe. There is no hacking. In fact, it would take an abnormally smart hacker to crack the code and infiltrate.

Speed – You’d ordinarily have to spend chunks of time and paperwork to manually process documents. Smart Contracts use software code to automate tasks, thereby shaving hours off a range of business processes.

Savings – Smart Contracts save you money since they knock out the presence of an intermediary. You would, for instance, have to pay a notary to witness your transaction.

Accuracy – Automated contracts are not only faster and cheaper but also avoid the errors that come from manually filling out heaps of forms.

What To Do Next

Steps for client consultation:

Begin by navigating to the JOIN NOW page to begin your process.

Submit the minimum agreed upon consultation fee, then sign and return the Consultation Agreement and NDA.

Once assessment and verification is complete, we will assess clients needs and verify funds availability.

From here the client may be required to sign a second NDA, as well as the standard “KYC” (know your client) form.

This is a mandatory for client verification and must be completed prior to any transaction(s) taking place. 

To join the CryptoMex.Club VIP site all the steps above must be completed and an additional 1 BTC submitted for direct access to our eco-solutions presented at Planet One Solutions. For a peek CLICK HERE!

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