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For access to our International Crypto Currency Trading Windows you must join CryptoMex Investments by completing the application form and agreement, along with your KYC. Once your agreement and KYC are signed and returned an Agent of CryptoMex Investments will contact you directly within 24-48 hours.

    Once the contact form and your wallet address is completed, submit your “minimum” agreed upon fee to CryptoMex’s address here to begin your application processing:  Email for instructions.

    Once the agreed upon fee is verified at the CryptoMex wallet, an investment consultant will contact you within 24 hours. Please notify us of your preferred language prior to call. English is preferred, but Spanish available.

    We are extremely busy this year, so please join soon to secure your place in line. We operate on a first come, first serve policy. You can expedite your application process by submitting more than the minimum up to 1 btc – Email for instructions.

     – Be certain to include a note requesting IMMEDIATE attention along with your name ph# and sign up date. You will be contacted within 3 hours by our investment consulting expert directly. CryptoMex fees for consulting are non-refundable.

    International Compliance Is MANDATORY to assure all your transactions are 100% secure and safe. We only function legally and lawfully under the Mexican government approval at the highest levels. Also working directly with Local Government, and the Treasury to assure your deposits are safe, secure and reach their destination within 24-48 hours. We use licensed escrow holding accounts that are bonded and insured with our banks Internationally. We also offer private Brinks and other transportation when needed for an additional fee. Process takes no longer than 72 hours once agreement(s) are signed and order is placed.

    CryptoMex now offers “Smart Contracts” on the Blockchain that does not require banks, escrow holding accounts, attorneys or any other interference. For more information click here: SMART CONTRACTS

    CryptoMex Investments is not a brokerage house, trading platform, new crypto coin, or a licensed broker. CryptoMex Investments is made up of Investment Advisors here for the best results and the longest ongoing returns.

    It is our goal to be at least 80% compliant to B Corporation standards by the end 2025. To learn more go to: B CORPORATION  Please Share!!! Thank you….

    To see the “WHY” we do what we do at CryptoMex Investments and CryptoMex.Club??? CLICK HERE!!!

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